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Improve performance, increase personal growth and establish a performance culture in your organisation

Our most popular trainings:

1. Shape your job

How can you find the role that best fit your motivation and strengths?

  • Learn what you want and what you are good at
  • Learn what is possible in your current organisation
  • Create a job-transition plan

kr 15 000 inkl. mva.

2. Achieve more

How can you create better results without spending more time and energy?

  • Know what’s most important
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Free up time and energy for what’s most important

kr 15 000 inkl. mva.

3. Build great teams

How can you create a high-performing team out of high-performing individuals?

  • Build a culture based on trust and responsibility
  • Ensure everyone is doing what’s most important
  • Get organized

kr 15 000 inkl. mva.

About the trainings


Simple practices you can easily adopt in your worklife

3 hours

Each module lasts 3 hours including breaks


The different trainings can be held separately or bundled together


We customize the training to you and your team

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Jostein Øysæd

10 years of passionate focus on personal growth, building high performing teams and teaching

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We are simplifying "Doing Good". That is, we make it simple and enjoyable for people to dedicate a part of their life to improve the world somehow.
Society's educational system is fine-tuned to create lawyers, doctors, mechanics, carpenters, etc. What it doesn’t teach is how each individual best can use its passion and skills to improve the world. This will be our task.

Our current mission is to build digital tools and an online community. The tools will help young professionals to spend time reflecting on what they want to get out of their life and to spend their time accordingly.

To fund the development, we have turned the tools into a suite of trainings for corporations and individuals. 

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